Die Kunst, das Schlafen mit allen Sinnen zu geniessen.

finest satin bed linen

Satin is a fabric that can be woven from very different materials. Its soft sheen is produced by a special weave and the use of a particularly smooth and lustrous yarn.

Graser satin is one of the finest silk-like satins available. Only first class extra long fibre material such as this can be so finely spun (100/135 meters of this yarn weights approximately 1 gram). Only a handful weaving mills worldwide are still capable of weaving this fine yarn to such a smooth high density satin.

Our satin yarn is mercerised in order to retain it`s elegant lustre which remains a constant feature no matter how many times the material is washed.

sheets / fitted sheets

We can provide satin sheets tailor made to suit your requirements, fitted or otherwise. As an alternative we offer a first class jersey fitted sheet available in all 53 satin colors To complete your order we need the exact measurements of your mattress width, height and length included!

washing for longvity

Use only color fabric washing soaps for colored bed linen. Do not use color enhancers. Don`t wash colored bed linen together with fabrics to be washed white. We recommend washing at a maximum 60 centigrade as higher temperatures bring no apparent benefits. Should you use a dryer – reduce the heat to “moist iron” so that the fabric contains enough moisture to be properly ironed.